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Inspire! Care 360 solves the childcare center problems your big box competitors don’t have to worry about.

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Save on the cost of necessary supplies and food with our innovative and cost-saving IC360 Buy purchasing plan.

With Inspire! Care 360 by your side, you will finally have the support and resources that large, big box childcare centers have access to every day. We’ve innovated a simple and affordable membership service that allows you to choose the level of support you need with purchasing essentials for your childcare center. Your membership provides you with access to all of the best discounts on popular, nationally branded products, such as W.B. Mason, Staples, US. Foods, Becker’s School Supplies, and more.

With IC360 Buy, You Can:

Find out how much you can save with a FREE Cost Analysis.

Struggling to pay for this month’s food and supplies yet again? This is a common concern of small to mid-sized childcare centers. After staff salaries and other bills are paid, finding the revenue to purchase another month’s round of food and supplies can seem next to impossible.

Thankfully at Inspire! Care 360, we’ve thought of everything when it comes to purchasing supplies and food for your center. The purchasing component of your subscription gives you instant access to a wide variety of products and food. We work with major national brands such as Staples, US Foods and more, so you can feel confident knowing you are getting the very best.

With IC360 Buy:

Streamline and save!

  • IC360 Buy is included in your membership!

  • Experience savings from 5-30%!

  • Low, predictable costs for easy budgeting!

5 Ways to Save Money with your Childcare Business.

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Our Purchasing Partners.


To start using the IC360 Buy program, you will need to register as a Premiere Partner.

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Some portions of the IC360 Purchasing Group have immediate access to ordering, where others require some account set-up and log-in information. In most cases, we can have you up and running across all areas of ordering within 1-2 weeks.

Schedule a Mini Cost Analysis

In most cases, you will be able to order the same items you have in the past, but at lower prices. Your complimentary IC360 Purchasing Cost Analysis will show you where slight modifications to your products could save you even more money. We do recommend that if you currently order a lot of organic and fresh foods or participate in a local co-op that you continue with that for those products. You will see other savings in dry and canned goods, as well as with office and janitorial supplies.

Schedule a Mini Cost Analysis

Your access to IC360 Buy is a part of your membership. Your monthly fee is your access to IC360 Buy special pricing. There may also be opportunities to participate in additional services offered to the members of Inspire! Care 360. These services may require additional fees, but as a member of IC360, these fees will be significantly discounted when compared to what is offered to the public.

Schedule a Mini Cost Analysis

Find out how much you can save with a FREE Cost Analysis.