Inspire! Care 360 Resources

Running an early learning center is hard work. You have to juggle a lot of different disciplines: education, leadership, management, staffing, ownership, administration, accounting … the list goes on and on!

Inspire! Care 360 is “Your Childcare Business Partner” and we want to make your life easier. In this resources section, you will find recordings of some of our best interviews and presentations. Here you will find ideas, insights, and answers that will help you run your school more efficiently and profitably.

What Moves the Needle: Formula for Profitability

As owners and operators of daycare and early learning centers, we often get so busy that we lose sight of our numbers and profitability. At some point, we must devote some time and energy to making our centers more profitable. Here’s what we learned in this webinar with Kathy Ligon, Founder & CEO of HINGE Brokers:

  • 5 Common Themes of Profitable Centers
  • How to Review Your Numbers
  • What to Focus on Now
  • Profitability vs. Building Wealth

Handling Difficult Conversations with Staff at Your Childcare Center

Inspire! Care 360 Founder & CEO, Tony D’Agostino, connects with Chanie Wilschansky, CEO of DiscoverED Consulting, to share their perspectives and insights on having those difficult (and sometimes awkward) conversations about staff accountability. Chanie discusses the four shields of a difficult conversation:

  • Victimhood
  • Crying
  • Blaming
  • Deflection

Walk the Line: The Art & Science of Staff Retention

In an economy with record-low unemployment, it can be hard to find or replace the best team members. Learn the top eight (8) ways to engage and retain your staff by developing – and promoting – an amazing culture in your early learning center! Learn the answers to questions such as:

  • What is the Typical Cost of Staff Turnover in Childcare?
  • How Do You Reach & Retain Millennial Workers?
  • How Can You Define & Develop Values in Your Center?
  • What Are Some Differences Between Management & Leadership?