Jeff Slater

Brand & Marketing Director

Jeff oversees the marketing and promotion of the company. He also leads the marketing efforts of the four local child care centers owned and operated by the company CEO, Tony DAgostino, as well as spearheading brand analysis and digital marketing improvement campaigns for our members.

Jeff works closely with each person on the Inspire! Care 360 team to ensure consistent messaging across all communication channels. He is constantly hopping back and forth between numerous websites and social media accounts.

Previous positions include Internet Marketing Consultant, Director of Client Services, and Director of Business Development. Jeff is a skilled writer and creator of content. He is also an expert on local SEO and reputation management.

When he’s not working, Jeff can be found chasing his young daughters around a playground, building a fort out of pillows and blankets, shooting hoops, golfing, or watching sports. He is also addicted to watching the Food Network.

Favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers, O.A.R., Brooklyn Duo

Favorite Sport: All of them! No, really, all the sports. Favorite teams are Syracuse, Bills, Lakers, Sabres, and SF Giants

Favorite Food: Sandwiches

Favorite Location: The 1st tee box