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We own and operate Early Learning and Childcare centers in Western New York (Rochester).  Several years ago, we discovered that there was a competitive edge for large national Childcare Chains, Corporate or Large Non-Profits (big box). In many cases they have a strong back office: On-boarding and Professional Development Training, HR Expert Guidance and HR Tools and Support, Brand and Marketing Support, Reputation Support, Crisis Management and Communication Support, and a bunch of nationally negotiated buying agreements for supplies, services and capital goods.

Meanwhile, Independent Owners, far and away making up the majority of the market, typically do not have access to all of these services under one roof.  They must go out, negotiate, and make all of these back office services happen themselves.  Independent Owners are in the business to support and lead the care and development of amazing children, but how with such limited resources and time?

This was the genesis of Inspire! Care 360 in 2016.  We chose to pioneer a significant pain for Independent Owners who need this level of support.  Whether they are operating  one center or 20 centers, there is a massive need for an owner to be supported and have their operations team supported. With Inspire! Care 360 you will receive the highest level of quality support for our People, our Brand and our ability to Buy.

We are at a point in time that your Early Care centers MUST sophisticate to compete in the face of significantly higher wages, inflating costs of doing business, ever-increasing licensing regulations and omnipresent big box competitors.  If you don’t, your centers have a significant chance of reducing enrollments and losing talented staff.

Inspire! Care 360, is your backbone so you can meet and exceed your staff and family needs by having the time and support to create an Amazing Culture.

Why do we call it a Membership as to a Client or a Subscriber?  Members help steer and guide an organization as to where it goes, they are part of the businesses value and have great influence as to services we continue to offer.  Members are our family! To date we serve hundreds of locations and operations in Early Learning, Childcare, Montessori from coast to coast.  Like a healthcare membership, you get access under one membership fee to most all of our services with a few up-charges for some additional premier services. We are here to simplify the way you currently run your own business.

Our Mission.

We help childcare providers flourish in service, business and quality of life with state-of-the-art, back-end childcare management services. With an ongoing network of support, not only will your childcare center thrive, but the children in your care will benefit from improved and optimized care for years to come.


Headquartered in Rochester, NY, we own and operate a number of early learning and childcare centers across the region. With more than 20 years of comprehensive experience in Human Resources, Training and Development, Procurement, Marketing and Technology, we bring best practices of these experiences to childcare and learning.

Our goal is to support independent childcare companies who need to sophisticate their business, be highly efficient and grow profitability, while being in an ever-condensing and taxing marketplace.

We do this by helping early learning and childcare owners discover new and sustainable business models every day. We identify best practices and provide case studies on cost-saving opportunities, as well as look at value from emerging trends.

We’re unique and proud to be a transformation incubator and constructive disruptor.  Join the innovation revolution at Inspire! Care 360.

Meet Our Team.

Anthony DAgostino
Anthony DAgostinoFounder/CEO
Bivette Stodghill
Bivette StodghillVP, Program Development
Jen Gaudioso
Jen GaudiosoVP of Member Advocacy
Dale Canning
Dale CanningSenior VP Program Operations
Peter Aiello
Peter AielloDirector of System Administration
Jeff Slater
Jeff SlaterBrand & Marketing Director
Julie Pelletier, M.S. ECE
Julie Pelletier, M.S. ECEVP of Business Development
Ken Goins
Ken GoinsVP of Business Development
Jenna Hiller
Jenna HillerVP of Business Development
Cory Gabel
Cory GabelDigital Creative Director
Missy Briscoe
Missy BriscoeMedia Specialist
Michael McDougall
Michael McDougallChief Communications Officer
Charla Kucko
Charla KuckoSenior Communications Officer
Aimee Lewis
Aimee LewisEarly Learning Communication Coordinator

The IC360 100% Guarantee.

If after using our program, you’re unhappy in any way with services you’ve received, we’ll refund your last month’s service!