What is the IC360 Solution?

Inspire! Care 360 delivers a tailored approach to your childcare center’s business operations. Similar to the support a franchisor brings to a franchisee, we support independently owned schools with more services and a higher ROI for a lot less cost.

IC360 Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement.

IC360 People

Enhance the value of each employee and learn key concepts on training, hiring, and maintaining a productive team and amazing culture with our IC360 People program.

  • Learning Management Portal
  • eLearning Training
  • Professional Development Training
  • Tools: Handbook Builder, Performance Builder, etc.


IC360 Brand

Your reputation is everything, and we understand that a crisis threatens the survival of your business. IC360 Brand is a unique and innovative brand management support plan that helps your childcare centers survive even the most seemingly insurmountable challenges.

  • Brand Assessment
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Promotion
  • Brand Protection
IC360 Brand Identity
IC360 Time and Money Efficiencies

Time & Money.

IC360 Buy

We’ve innovated a simple and affordable membership service that allows you to choose the level of support you need with purchasing essentials for your childcare center.

Buying Group (Highly Discounted):

  • Supplies
    • Food
    • School Supplies
    • Office Supplies
    • Janitorial & Maintenance
    • IT Purchasing: Hardware, Software, Cloud Computing
  • Services
    • Childcare Management Software
    • CRM
    • Accounting
    • Payroll
    • Mobile Phone
    • Much more
  • Capital Equipment
    • Playground Equipment
    • School Equipment
    • Kitchen Equipment
    • Much more

Amazing Culture.

Inspire! Care 360 Membership Drives an Amazing Culture.

  • Directors and Staff with Professional Development
  • Teachers with an Agreed Upon Learning Plan
  • Families and Community with High Opinions of Your Center
  • Cost Savings that Allow for Investment in Your Teachers and Leadership
Employee, Brand, Time, plus Money Efficiencies is Amazing Culture

The Childcare Success Pyramid.

The Childcare Success Pyramid drives an Amazing Culture.

When all three areas of the Childcare Success Pyramid are working in conjunction with one another, the result is an Amazing Culture.

Employee, Brand, Time, plus Money Efficiencies is The Childcare Success Pyramid

How Do I Get Amazing Culture?

With your IC360 Membership, you will receive access to the tools and support you need to drive the Employee Engagement, Brand Identity, and Time & Money Efficiencies you need for your independent childcare business. It all starts by calling your IC360 Customer Care Representative to take the pulse of your business with a free Brand Analysis or Employee Engagement Assessment. Call 1 (800) 655-5659 today!

The IC360 100% Guarantee.

If after using our program, you’re unhappy in any way with services you’ve received, we’ll refund your last month’s service!